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Panas! Wikileak Dedah Rancangan Anwar-Nur Misuari

March 12th, 2013 0 Comments Politik

Satu komunikasi dari Embassy USA di Manilla ke State Department di Wahington bertarikh 11 Mei 2007 telah didedahkan oleh Wikileak.

Dalam komunikasi tersebut adalah mengenai perkembangan terbaru mengenai Nur Misuari. Ketika itu, dia sedang mendapatkan perintah mahkamah untuk membenarkan ia bertanding untuk kerusi Gabenor Sulu.

wikileak (1)Wikileak ini mendedahkan hubungan Nur Misuari dengan Anwar Ibrahim dan kemarahannya terhadap Malaysia kerana menyerahkan dia kepada pihak Filipina ketika ditangkap pada tahun 2002.

Dia juga masih menaruh harapan untuk ambil kemabli Sabah termauk perancangan untuk menakluki secara military.

Baca sepenuhnya petikan dari komunikasi sepenuh SINI yang mana tersebut rancangan menyerang Sabah dan hubungan kembali dengan Awnar:

Dreaming of Sabah…?

¶6. (C) MNLF Attorney Ombra Jainal described Misuari as a strong advocate for the recovery of Sabah from Malaysia and as still bitter toward Malaysia for arresting and turning him over to Philippine authorities in January 2002. Misuari once commented to MG Dolorfino that when the timing was right, “the MNLF could invade Sabah at 5 a.m. and control it by 7 a.m.” Misuari has also reportedly claimed that he personally
was a legitimate claimant to Sabah by virtue of his “royal blood,” and has blamed “Malaysia’s agents” for stirring up trouble in Sulu.

¶7. (C) Self-proclaimed Sulu Sultan Fuad Kiram granted Misuari the hereditary rank of “Datu” (Royal Prince) of the Sultanate of Sulu and North Borneo (Sabah) at Misuari’s detention house on March 14. Kiram attended the March 18 MNLF Freedom Day Anniversary Celebration at Malik’s then-camp in Bitanag as guest of honor, where Malik called him the only “true and legitimate” Sultan of Sulu and Sabah, according to
Kiram’s chief advisor, Omar Kiram.

¶8. (C) MG Dolorfino commented that Malaysia is not only concerned about Misuari’s intentions toward Sabah, where Misuari apparently still has hundreds of followers, but also about his recent contacts with Malaysian opposition figure Anwar Ibrahim, described as an “old friend” of Misuari’s. Over the past several months, Malaysian officials have held at least three meetings with Misuari and/or Misuari’s wives,
according to Jainal and Dolorfino. During an April 10 meeting, a special envoy from Malaysian Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi told Misuari not to meddle in Malaysia’s domestic politics, Dolorfino said. According to Jainal, Misuari promised Badawi’s representative that he had no intention of getting involved in Malaysia’s internal affairs.

¶9. (C) Dolorfino opined that Malaysia would likely seek stronger assurances that Misuari would not pursue the Sabah claim. He added that Malaysia had promised to facilitate an eventual power sharing agreement between the MNLF and Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) after the GRP-MILF Peace Panels reached an ancestral domain agreement.

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